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Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm so glad you made it here! I could do the cheesy, "I've had a camera since I was 5 years old" story, or talk about how much I absolutely adore photographing a wedding day (because I really do!), but the real reason why I love what I do is because of you. Meeting people, getting to know their story, and capturing the essence of who you are - together and individually - is what I want to do.

My laid-back and client focused approach over the last half dozen years as a wedding photographer makes things very easy and streamlined and I want you to have the best experience I can possibly give you - from your initial inquiry to our time together through to final product delivery. 
I've been where you're at now - whether it be planning a wedding or trying to figure out how to best capture my family's memories. It can be overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be! I'm here to help. Take a look around the website and then reach out! Let's make it easy, beautiful, and let's make it fun. 

A Saskatoon
Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Rachel!

A Snapshot Into My Life

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Exploring and adventuring is one of those things I've always loved. These days, it seems like all my hobbies are tied into the great outdoors in some way. While travelling with a young family can be difficult, it's also one of my favourite things to do.
I love the way you feel when you're in a place you've never been before. I love how grass smells after a rain shower and how the sun dances on the leaves in the evening light. 
One of my all time favourite pastimes is going kayaking on a completely calm surface of water in the evening light. Add in a few hundred birds softly landing beside the kayak and that's my kind of place to be.

HOAR Frost in Saskatoon


My amazing husband and I met through church and got married in July 2011. Some of our favourite things together have always included being outside and exploring our beautiful country together from the coasts of Nova Scotia to the gorgeous National Parks.
We always knew we wanted to start a family together, but the road to get to where we are now with three wonderful girls Earth-side wasn't an easy one. In 2012 we learned that our first daughters had experienced complications, and they passed away shortly after an emergecy c-section. We have since been blessed with three amazing daughters and love to take them on all our adventures.

Our 2019 family photo

My Family

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My Favorite Things

“We cannot say enough good things about Rachel! Thank you for capturing our day! She has an incredible mix of professionalism and fun!"

“She took two wooden mannequins and made them beautiful!””

Forestry Farm PArk, - Saskatoon, SK

Jess & Austin

Rachel Wollf was a photographer for my wedding. She is absolutely amazing. Her kind, friendly personality put everyone instantly at ease. She was so fun to work with and her photos are breathtaking. I will cherish mine for years to come

Pike Lake, SK

Sara & Sascha

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